Sinn Fein 'finds second bug'

Sinn Fein has put on display another bug it claims was found in one of its offices in west Belfast.

According to the party, the listening device was found in a floor at Connolly House in Andersonstown on Monday night.

Last week, Sinn Fein put on display another bug which it said had been found at the Belfast home of a woman who works for party president Gerry Adams.

It comes as Northern Ireland political parties finalise their positions for this week's intensive political talks at Leeds Castle in Kent.

It is understood the latest device was found while work was being carried out at Connolly House.

Mr Adams said the discovery highlighted the "hypocrisy of the British system" and blamed what he called "securocrats".

Political institutions

The party has been at the centre of bugging allegations a number of times before.

Mr Adams said in December 1999 that one was planted in a car used to transport himself and chief negotiator Martin McGuinness during the Mitchell Review.

In April 2003, the Times newspaper published what were said to be transcripts of secretly recorded telephone conversations between Mr McGuinness and senior government officials.

The political institutions in Northern Ireland were suspended in October 2002 amid allegations of IRA intelligence gathering at the Northern Ireland Office.

The talks at Leeds Castle are aimed at finding a way to restore devolution to Northern Ireland.

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