'More must be done for Derry's Irish speakers'

(Irish News)

An Irish language organisation in Derry has called on the government
and businesses in the city to do more to facilitate Irish speakers.

Seosamh O Coinne, spokesman for An Gaelaras, said latest census
figures showed that around 15,000 people in Derry spoke Irish.

With that figure "increasing continuously", Mr O Coinne claimed both
the public and private sectors needed to do more to meet the needs of
Irish speakers in the Derry area.

"At An Gaelaras alone there are approximately 100 students learning
Irish on a full-time basis, five days a week," he said.

"There are approximately 60 learning Irish at night classes, not
forgetting people are learning Irish at other classes in the city as
well as the increasing number of young people studying Irish at
school or taught through the medium of Irish."

Mr O Coinne said the government had obligations to cater for Irish
speakers under the European Charter for Regional and Minority

He also called on the private sector to take steps to facilitate
Irish speakers.

September 19, 2004

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