The 12th anniversary of murdered teenager Peter McBride will be marked by a protest held outside Girdwood barracks on Friday.

The protest, which begins at noon on Friday September 3 outside the Duncairn Avenue entrance of the barracks.
“John Spellar refuses to accept a court of law decision that soldiers Wright and Fisher were guilty of the murder of Peter McBride,” Paul O’Connor from the Pat Finucane Centre said.

“Not only that, but he treated the McBride family with contempt and disdain.

“A petition has been signed by community and human rights groups in Derry and Belfast against Spellar and we hope that he understands his position on this Direct Rule government is untenable to the majority of right-thinking people.”

The family of Peter McBride have recently received support from five US senators who have backed their campaign to end a contract given to Timothy Spicer former commander of the British Army unit that included Fisher and Wright who killed Peter Mc Bride in 1992 on September 4.

Presidential Candidate John Kerry, Senators Teddy Kennedy, Hilary Clinton, Chris Dodd and Charles Schumer have all lent their support to the Irish National Caucus campaign.

“Peter’s anniversary is this coming Saturday and it is comforting to see such high-profile support from the US,” Jean McBride said.

“We are awaiting judgement from the courts in the battle to have Wright and Fisher kicked out of the British Army and it’s great to see that our family is not alone.

“Even the US presidential candidate John Kerry, has taken this on board and spoken out against this contract.

“Surely some day soon justice will be done."

Getting behind the campaign in North Belfast is SDLP Justice Spokesperson Alban Maginness.

“In my view Spicer is unfit to hold any position in which he might ever have charge of people with guns in their hands. Two of his men shot Peter McBride in the back.

“They were convicted of murder, but Spicer objected to them even having to answer for their crime. Now, they are pointing guns at Iraqis.

“Even at this late stage, the British government could recover a shred of decency by drumming these murderers out of the army and offering an apology to the McBride family for the disdainful way they have been treated over the years.”

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