In an exclusive interview with the North Belfast News the Loyalist political group the UPRG has said that membership of the UDA is getting stronger by the day.

Discussing the last ten years and the future of loyalism in North Belfast UPRG members John Bunting and Sammy Duddy said communities were at melting point.

With families having recently left their homes in the Loyalist stronghold of Torrens, the men said that protestant people felt as if they were being slowly squeezed out of all existence.

“They feel as if they are being slowly taken over by nationalists,” John Bunting said.

“This may not actually be the case, but it is what people are feeling on the ground.”

In a wide-ranging interview the men declared their faith in the peace process.

They also queried why the British Government was reluctant to engage with them, but that a meeting with the President of Ireland and her husband could be organised “anytime they wanted”.

The two men confirmed that membership to the UDA was on the increase.

“In North Belfast the UDA is getting bigger and stronger. And that is because they feel under threat. It’s a feeling of slow strangulation,” John Bunting claimed.

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