Date: Thursday, September 16, 2004

Please protest the offensive use of eBay for profit by a British Army
participant in the Bloody Sunday mass murder.

Please send an e-mail or letter to eBay to protest the auction yesterday
of a British Army jacket worn by “Soldier 5” on Bloody Sunday. There is
a Sample Letter and steps to contact eBay listed below the Belfast
Telegraph story.

Please note eBay Customer Assistance is very difficult to negotiate but
we have listed the easiest steps we have found.

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'Bloody Sunday Jacket' On Ebay

Relatives sickened by sale bid

By Ciaran O'Neill
15 September 2004

Relatives of those killed on Bloody Sunday today said they were
sickened by an attempt to sell a jacket allegedly worn by a soldier
involved in the 1972 shootings.

The smock jacket was today on sale on the Internet auction site
eBay for £350.

The anonymous seller claims that the jacket was worn by a soldier,
identified as Soldier S at the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, who fired 12
shots during the civil rights demonstration.

The auction is due to end on Sunday but no bids have yet been made
for the jacket, which allegedly dates from 1959.

However, John Kelly, whose brother Michael was among the 13 people
shot dead on Bloody Sunday, today called on eBay to remove the
jacket from sale.

"It is disgusting that someone should try and make money out of
what happened on Bloody Sunday," said Mr Kelly.

"This is totally insensitive and an insult to the memory of our
loved ones."

No one from eBay was available to comment.

In his evidence to the Bloody Sunday Inquiry last year, Soldier S
said that statements he had made about gunfire and bombs being
aimed at soldiers were untrue.

The soldier, who was an 18-year-old private in 1972, also said he
had no recollection of what caused him to fire 12 shots in four
bursts of three at 30-second intervals.

The former paratrooper had told the 1972 Widgery Tribunal into the
shootings that he came under fire as soon as he dismounted from his

But asked last year whether his statement to the military police on
the night of Bloody Sunday that he saw a gunman open fire at
paratroopers with about six shots from a ground- floor window of
the Rossville flats in Derry could be relied upon, Soldier S
replied: "No".

He also admitted there were "a lot of inaccuracies" in the original
statements he gave to military police.

He told the inquiry that he later went on to join the SAS and was
seriously injured in a firefight in the Middle East in 1974-5.

If you are an eBay Member go here and sign in to leave feedback.
Registration is free. SAMPLE LETTER below to copy and paste.

To submit Feedback:
1. Go to http://pages.ebay.com/help/contact_inline/index.html
2. Click “Ask about biding or buying”.
3. Then click “Bidding or buying”
4. Then click “The problem you’re having isn’t listed”
5. On the new page, click “Email”
6. Copy and paste sample letter into body area. Leave your email
address and eBay ID if you have one for a response.

Or write to eBay Headquarters at:
eBay Inc.
2145 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, California 95125
SAMPLE LETTER – Copy and Paste:

eBay Inc.
2145 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, California 95125

To whom it may concern;

I am outraged to learn that eBay has allowed a participant in a mass
murder to sell memorabilia associated with his role the deaths of 14
innocent civilians on your website. I refer to the item 'Bloody Sunday
Jacket', posted by eBay for auction yesterday, and listed as being worn
by British Army “Soldier 5” during the Bloody Sunday massacre in Derry,
1972. “Soldier 5” has admitted to firing 12 rounds at civilians that

During a recent tribunal in Ireland, this same soldier admitted that the
British Army fired indiscriminately at civilians with no provocation,
killing 13 instantly and a 14th who died later.

I note that in your Terms of Use regarding the sale of “Offensive
Materials” it is stated that “eBay may... out of respect for the
families of murder victims, remove listings of items closely associated
with individuals notorious for committing murderous acts within the last
100 years, such as personal belongings of such criminals.”

I strenuously object to the use of eBay to allow profiteering by
participants in the mass murder of innocent civilians, and I urge you to
remove this highly offensive item immediately.

Thank you;


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