Irish Political Status Committee

Press Release — Irish Political Status Committee
Re: Aidan Hulme Refused Parcel

14 September 2004

Republican prisoner Aidan Hulme — currently serving a sentence at HMP Full Sutton in Yorkshire — has been refused a parcel sent him by well-wishers at the Ohio State University in the USA. Aidan was recently transferred from HMP Long Lartin to Full Sutton prison pending an appeal against conviction.

The parcel — which contained nothing more dangerous than writing materials, drawing sheets, envelopes etc — arrived from the USA last week.

Aidan was informed of it's arrival — but that it would be kept in his 'personal belongings.' He is not allowed to have it, or use what is in it. No explanation was given.

The IPSC see this as yet another petty restriction without rhyme or reason — and seems to target republican prisoners in particular. We are now in the process of taking this matter up with the Irish embassy here in London, the Irish Commission for Prisoners Overseas (ICPO) and await their findings.

Meanwhile messages of solidarity and support can be sent to Aidan at Full Sutton prison:


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