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Army spook flies the coop
FRU stool pigeon in flight from danger

12 September 2004

A whistle-blowing former British Army intelligence handler has fled his home in the Irish Republic.

The former agent, who uses the pseudonym 'Martin Ingram', has fled over fears his life could be at risk in the run up to a Tribunal of Inquiry into alleged Garda/IRA collusion, in the murders of two RUC detectives.

Ingram is the co-author of 'Stakeknife', the recent book on undercover agents in Ulster, which highlighted the role of IRA spy, Freddie Scappaticci.

Yesterday, an informed source told Sunday Life the ex-FRU operative had left his Irish home, for a location outside the British Isles.

They said that Ingram had become increasingly concerned for his safety, after he had been visited and questioned by two senior Special Branch officers from Garda HQ, in Dublin.

It is understood the officers asked Ingram about the infiltration of the Irish security forces by British intelligence agents and informants.

They asked him if he could set up a meeting with the former FRU agent, known as 'Kevin Fulton', a former IRA man.

Irish Special Branch also asked Ingram if he knew what evidence Fulton was likely to give to the inquiry into allegations of IRA/Garda collusion, in the 1989 border murders of RUC men Bob Buchanan and Harry Breen.

Recently, Ingram and Fulton's credibility and motivation have been questioned by certain sections of the Irish media.

"It's obvious certain elements within the Irish government, the security forces and the IRA don't want this inquiry to get off the ground," claimed the source.

"They are now briefing against the Breen and Buchanan inquiry, and attempting to stymie it.

"Ingram and Fulton are potential witnesses whose evidence could open a can of worms for the Irish. "

Unionist politicians are expected to raise the lack of progress on the Breen and Buchanan inquiry, when they meet Irish officials at the all party talks at Leeds Castle, this week.

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