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No compassion for Mad Dog

By Stephen Breen
05 September 2004

CAGED terror boss Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair is furious, after being refused permission to visit his cancer-stricken wife in Manchester.

Sunday Life understands the Shankill loyalist is set to launch a fresh legal challenge in his bid to be released from Maghaberry Prison, after it emerged Gina Adair's condition had deteriorated in the last month.

Adair has not seen his wife for six months, and his failed in previous attempts to receive compassionate leave from prison bosses.

She is suffering from cervical cancer.

He also failed to gain permission from the Prison Service to visit his son, Jonathan 'Mad Pup' Adair, before he was sent to jail, in Manchester, for selling heroin.

The ousted UDA chief's fresh legal bid comes after senior prison sources also told us the only way Adair would be permitted to visit his ill wife, is that he was accompanied by "heavily armed" police officers.

Said the source: "The bosses will only let Adair out to see his wife if her condition becomes so bad, and she has only a short time to live.

"But, any visit will be arranged on a need-to-know basis, and the service will also take police advice on this, because Adair is a dead man walking.

"If he is allowed out, there's no doubt his security will have to be heavily armed."

Adair is due for release in just four months time, and has pleaded with prison bosses to allow him to visit his wife in hospital.

Speaking to Sunday Life from his cell, last night, Adair said that he hopes to be allowed to visit his wife before his release, early next year.

Added Adair: "I'm looking at all the legal options at the moment, because all I want to do is get out of this place - even if it is only for an hour - to see my wife. I don't care if 100 armed officers accompany me.

"She is very ill at the moment, and I haven't seen her in months. Every time I try to earn compassionate leave, they knock me back, and I don't think this is fair.

"It won't be long before I'm out, but I would love to see her now. If they can fly me into prison on a helicopter, then surely they can fly me to England for a one-hour visit?"

A Prison Service spokesman refused to comment on Adair's bid for temporary release.

Responding to rumours that Adair was about to be released for a compassionate visit, he added: "Mr Adair will not be accompanied by armed guards to visit his sick wife.

"We can't comment on any legal action he may be planning, but the only way any prisoner will be allowed compassionate leave is if their relative's condition is life-threatening."

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