Brighton bomber's return visit

The hotel chimney collapsed through the middle of the building

The man responsible for the Brighton bombing is to return to the town for the first time since the attack, on its 20th anniversary.

The then-prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, and her cabinet were staying at the Grand Hotel for the 1984 Conservative Party conference, when the IRA bombed it.

Mrs Thatcher escaped uninjured, but the blast killed five people and injured 34 others.

In 1986, Patrick Magee was convicted of murder and received eight life sentences, with the recommendation that he serve a minimum of 35 years.

In 1999 he was released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

Magee is expected to meet Jo Berry at an invitation-only meeting for those involved in peace and reconciliation on Tuesday.

Her father, Sir Anthony Berry, died in the atrocity.

He was MP for Enfield Southgate and a junior minister in Margaret Thatcher's government.

Magee and Ms Berry have met before, both in private and for a BBC documentary.

Magee was released under the Good Friday Agreement

Among those injured in the bombing was Lord Tebbit's wife Margaret, who was left paralysed for life.

Lord Tebbit said on Tuesday that he was not impressed with Sinn Fein's involvement in the peace process, and questioned the IRA's commitment to peace.

"We know that Sinn Fein/IRA are still ready, if they were frustrated in their programme, to return to violence," he told BBC Northern Ireland.

"That is why they are refusing to give up their guns and their bombs, and that is why they are maintaining a private army alongside an allegedly democratic political party.

"(It is) in order to keep coercing the people of Northern Ireland, and of course Mr Blair, who has a war against terrorism everywhere except in this country."

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