Roof protest on MLA's home

Protesters climbed onto the roof of an SDLP Assembly member's County Tyrone home and attached posters calling for the release of a dissident Republican prisoner.

Eugene McMenamin said the incident on Thursday evening was an attempt to intimidate his family but it would not work.

A group of people gathered outside his home at about 2000 BST on Thursday.

Some of them then climbed on the bungalow's roof and placed posters held down by large boulders.

They also tried to smash a CCTV system installed at the house.

"I have no problem with anyone coming to protest outside my home, but whenever they invade your privacy by climbing onto your roof, that is something else - this will certainly not work," he said.

"Over the last year, I have received several hoax bombs at my home and threats as well.

The protesters were caught on CCTV footage

"I am very lucky to have a family which backs me 100%, and incidents like this will only strengthen my resolve."

Mr McMenamin - who was out celebrating his 33rd wedding anniversary with his wife at the time - has offered to meet those who targeted his home.

He has vowed to continue his work as an MLA and a District Policing Partnership member.

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