Christy Moore was 'held under UK anti-terrorism laws'

21/10/2004 - 15:57:31

Singer Christy Moore has revealed he was held for two hours on Monday by British police at Holyhead under anti-terrorism legislation.

He had travelled there by ferry on his way to a series of concerts in the UK.

In a statement through his publicist this afternoon, Christy Moore describes the incident as threatening and frightening.

Mr Moore has said he and his driver were questioned in separate rooms but his van was not searched nor his instrument cases or equipment.

He has said he found the whole experience threatening he faced questions about lyrics in his songs, the contents of his briefcase and personal questions about his family and children back home.

The singer has said at no time did he get an explanation as to why he was being held.

Mr Moore has said he found the whole affair frightening and the feeling he is left with now some days later is one of sadness because he thought this kind of behaviour toward Irish people heading towards the UK was a thing of the past.

He said both he and his driver have given full statements to the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Irish Ambassador in London.

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