New drive to clean up NI taxi industry

21/10/2004 - 11:00:03

A new drive to clear up the licensing of Northern Ireland’s cab drivers was launched today.

From the start of next month all licensed taxis will be required to display taxi licence plates, making them easier for the public to recognise.

“If it’s not on it, then don’t get in it” is the message DoE Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland is sending out to every taxi user in the North.

Brendan Magee, DVLNI chief executive, said the new plating scheme would have a number of benefits.

“It will help the travelling public identify legal taxis, it will help enforcement against illegal operators and it will help support the legitimate trade, but most importantly, it will mean that those who use cabs will be safer because they will be travelling in a legitimate taxi,” he said.

He said that under the current scheme it can be difficult to tell the licensed and unlicensed taxi apart the only true identification was a PSV disc on the windscreen.

The new system will involve large plates fixed on the front and rear of the vehicle and smaller plates inside the vehicle.

The plates will have a distinctive colour to identify the different types of taxi being licensed.

:: Belfast public hire – yellow.
:: Public hire outside Belfast – white.
:: Private hire – green.
:: Bus taxi – blue.

Even wedding and funeral care will have to display a plate but only internally.

Taxi plating is being introduced in advance of a wider review of the taxi industry in Northern Ireland.

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