'Bomb making' accused refused bail

06/10/2004 13:15:38 UTV

Seemingly innocent items found in a house in West Belfast were
believed by police to be for making bombs, the High Court heard

The items, including wire, glue, a soldering iron, dowel rods and
batteries, were discovered following a threat by Continuity IRA to
carry out a bomb attack against police, said a Crown lawyer.

He was opposing a bail application by Liam Hannaway, 34, from
Hillhead Drive, Belfast, who was charged with possessing the items in
suspicious circumstances.

The lawyer said items were found in a toolbox in a house at Fruithill
Court when Hannaway was believed to reside.

He said condoms were also found in the toolbox, adding: "It was an
odd place to keep condoms unless they were to be used in making an
explosive device."

The lawyer said it was believed forensic tests would link Hannaway to
the items but a report would not be available until December.

"During police interviews he remained silent except to deny that he
was ever a member of the Continuity IRA," the lawyer added.

Defence counsel Denis Boyd said Hannaway should not have been charged
until a forensic test proved something unlawful. "Keeping him in
custody in respect of innocent items picked out of a toolbox is
wrong," he said.

The Crown lawyer replied: "The toolbox contained items which on the
face of it appear innocent but it is believed they were for the
manufacture of improvised explosive devices."

Mr Justice Deeny adjourned the bail application until October 20. "I
am concerned at the length of time to acquire forensic information,"
he said. "On the adjourned date the Crown should have a letter from
the forensic laboratory explaining why it takes so long to furnish
results. They should also furnish any results they have on an interim

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