Hope As Oonagh Opens Her Eyes

The sister of battling schoolgirl Oonagh O’Reilly – knocked down by a hit and run driver in Turf Lodge over a week ago – says the family have been given new hope after the little girl opened her eyes on Tuesday.

No one has been charged as yet with the hit and run that left the little girl critically ill and fighting for her life.

Her sister Laura says the family have been given new hope after what has been a traumatic week.

“On Tuesday Oonagh opened her eyes for the first time and although it is a good sign, at the same time it was just awful to watch her struggling,” said Laura.

“She looks so confused and is in so much pain. Her ribs are broken and she is having difficulty breathing on her own. Her wee pelvis is completely shattered.

“She is still on morphine, although the doctors have now started to reduce her medication.

“She’s fighting so hard. Last week they were telling us to prepare for the worst, it was touch and go for the first few days.

“But every day there are small changes for the better. On Monday she gripped my finger and I just felt that she was going to wake up soon.”

Oonagh was hit by a blue van last Tuesday afternoon as she played with her friend in Norglen Road. This week the PSNI visited the scene to appeal for further information on the hit and run accident.

A blue van has since been taken away for forensic examination
The family are still hopeful that the person responsible will come forward and hand themselves in.

“At the minute my parents’ main concern is for our Oonagh,” said Laura.
“They are trying not to think about the person who did this and instead put all their energies into getting Oonagh on the mend.

“But we would hate to think the person who did this is going to just walk away.

“They have had a week now to come forward, they must have read about how badly injured she is.

“They must have no conscience.

“It is so hard for us to watch her lying on the bed the way she is.
“You can see how confused and in pain she is and there is nothing we can do for her except be there.”

A spokesperson for the PSNI said, “Police have carried out follow-up investigations in relation to a number of vehicles as part of an ongoing investigation into the road traffic accident at Norglen Road on October 5.
“The thoughts of the investigating officers continue to be with the family of the young girl injured.

“We would reiterate our appeal for information and ask for members of the public who have information to contact officers at Woodbourne.”

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