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Loyalist's teen lover dies of cocaine overdose

By Ciaran McGuigan
17 October 2004

THE teenage girlfriend of a top loyalist drugs dealer has died following a massive cocaine overdose.

Tragic Denise Larkin (17), died in hospital, last weekend, following a massive stroke brought on by her cocaine habit.

The popular west Belfast teenager had been admitted to hospital, after an earlier cocaine-induced stroke had left her paralysed down the right side.

Her devastated relatives were last night consoling each other, at the family's Ballygomartin Road home.

And fears were last night growing that her death could spark a shooting war, between rival loyalist terror gangs.

Rival loyalist paramilitaries are now pointing the finger at each other, accusing one another of supplying the teen with the lethal dose of drugs.

Her boyfriend, Lawrence 'Duffer' Kincaid is himself a convicted drug dealer, who served a lengthy jail term for supplying class A drugs.

Sources close to Kincaid deny that he had anything to do with the teenager's death.

The LVF are accusing UDA men from the Woodvale area of selling the dead teenager drugs.

And their claims are backed up by sources within the UDA.

It is understood that one UDA dealer, who operates out of a drinking club used by alleged UDA Special Branch informer, Jim Spence, has gone to ground, fearing he could be targeted.

And coke pushers, including convicted rapist, Charlie Calderwood, who sell cocaine and ecstasy from a Shankill Road drinking club, could also be targeted by the LVF.

Said one loyalist source: "The wee girl was getting her gear from people in two clubs in the area.

"And now the boys supplying the cocaine to the clubs are worried.

"One has fled because he is worried that he'll be targeted, and given no protection from his own.

"The LVF are furious and they are looking for him.

"And the top UDA men will let him hang, because they want to be seen to be doing something about drugs now that a young girl has died.

"This is not finished by any means."

The dead teenager's family were last night too frightened to talk, when Sunday Life called at their west Belfast home.

Pals of the family claim they have received threatening phone calls, warning them not talk about the teenager's death.

Said one pal: "The family have received a call that has completely spooked them.

"They just want to get on with their grieving, without having all this heaped on them."

A police spokesman last night said: "We are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a young woman, who died in the Mater hospital last weekend.

"Inquiries are continuing."

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