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UDA members meet arms body

The Ulster Defence Association has held another meeting with Northern Ireland's decommissioning body.

It is the second time in recent weeks that there have been talks involving the representatives of the paramilitary group and General John de Chastelain.

The latest talks follow the recent government announcement recognising the UDA ceasefire.

General de Chastelain returned to Northern Ireland last weekend.

Earlier this month, Northern Ireland Secretary Paul Murphy said the UDA's ceasefire was "holding" and "genuine".

Mr Murphy was explaining his decision to give recognition to the loyalist paramilitary group's cessation of violence, which officially came into effect on Sunday 14 November.

The UDA said in a statement it committed itself to working towards the end of all paramilitary activity.

It has also committed itself to re-engaging with the international decommissioning body.

The Ulster Political Research Group, which advises the UDA, announced a 12-month period of "military inactivity" in February 2003.

One year later, it announced an "indefinite extension" to this ceasefire.

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