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Court told of loyalist attacks on home

17 November 2004

A community spokesman whose home was attacked by loyalists was told that his windows could be fitted with laminated glass but it would not stop a bullet, the High Court has heard.

"The new glass would only ensure that the windows would not shatter and the glass would not shower anyone in the room," said a lawyer for Paddy Murray, chairman of the Rathenraw Residents' Association in Antrim.

Mr Murray, whose life has been threatened, is seeking a judicial review of the Secetary of State's decision refusing to admit him to the Key Persons Protection Scheme, which would entitle him to a raft of home security measures.

Mr Justice Girvan asked at yesterday's hearing: "Does he want bullet-proof glass?"

Barrister Dessie Hutton replied: "He is not a security expert and does not know the capability of the people who have threatened him."

The offer to replace the windows was made by the Housing Executive, which owns Mr Murray's home.

The Executive also offered to replace his glass-panelled front door with a solid door and five-piece mortice lock.

Mr Hutton said Mr Murray enjoyed the right to life under the human rights legislation and it was clear the Secretary of State had not taken adequate measures in response to the threat to his life.

"Instead, the Minister relied on the offer by the Housing Executive which has only limited expertise in the security field," added the lawyer.

Mr Murray was in court yesterday with his wife Patricia, who was at the centre of a security alert two months ago after a warning that bomb had been placed under her car.

Last June the family home was pipe-bombed.

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