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Giant's causeway rocks providing link to Mars

By Fiona McIlwaine Biggins
06 November 2004

THE Giant's Causeway could be the key to Mars, according to a special TV documentary that was part-filmed on location in north Antrim last week.

'Mars Rocks', presented by space commentator Leo Enright, will see the Red Planet come down to earth with a bump next week when it is screened on RTE2 on November 9.

Mr Enright said the connections between Ulster and the exploration of Mars are striking and explained that scientists in Europe and America could not have made their great discoveries at Mars this year without the work of 19th century Irish pioneers, who revolutionised modern physics, mathematics and geology.

The documentary film crew traveled to the Giant's Causeway to examine large rock formations that illustrate Ireland's special contribution to modern scientific thought.

Mr Enright explained: "The Giant's Causeway has a unique place in the history of modern geology. Eighteenth century scientists in Ireland and throughout Europe debated fiercely for decades over the true nature of the rocks on the north Antrim coast.

"What they finally discovered is directly relevant to the exploration of Mars today," added commentator Enright.

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