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Jailed for attacks on army vehicles

By Ashleigh Wallace
26 November 2004

A 24-year-old father of two who was caught on CCTV attacking Army vehicles in the Ardoyne area with a wooden baton stolen from a soldier was today jailed for eight months.

Terence Young, from Navan Green in Belfast, was involved in riotous behaviour against the security forces at the front of the Ardoyne shops on July 12. He was involved one month after receiving a suspended sentence at Belfast Magistrates Court.

Police and the army were called to Ardoyne due to tensions surrounding a contentious Orange parade. At around 8pm, a crowd became hostile towards an army patrol and Young was captured on CCTV striking an army Land-Rover with a wooden baton.

He was also seen attacking a windscreen and side panel as well as striking an additional three Land-Rovers.

A prosecutor told the court: "It has been established that the baton was stolen from one of the military by another person earlier."

Young's solicitor said the police officer responsible for investigating "the totality of the day" confirmed Young did not become involved in the "more serious allegation of physical violence."

Magistrate Mark Hamill pointed out Young got involved in the situation when he was in breach of a suspended sentence, adding: "I'm afraid there is no where else to go."

Young was handed a four-month prison term on each of the four charges - namely riotous behaviour, possession of an offensive weapon, handling stolen goods and criminal damage. Each four-month sentence will run concurrently.

Mr Hamill also activated a suspended sentence, imposing a further four-month jail term, to run consecutively with the other four-month term, on Young.

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