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SDLP quizzes Nelson murder probe

By Chris Thornton
17 November 2004

The Government has been questioned over why the Army has been freed from scrutiny over the murder of solicitor Rosemary Nelson.

SDLP policing spokesman Alex Attwood queried why the inquiry into Mrs Nelson's 1999 killing had not been given powers to examine any role soldiers may have had in the build-up to her death.

The terms of reference for the inquiry were announced yesterday, allowing the examining to tribunal to look at whether "any wrongful act or omission by or within the RUC or Northern Ireland Office facilitated her death or obstructed the investigation of it".

Campaigners for an investigation into Mrs Nelson's death have raised questions about Army movements on the day of her murder, and one former RIR soldier was questioned in connection with her death.

The terms of reference for inquiries into the deaths of LVF leader Billy Wright and Portadown man Robert Hamill also announced by Secretary of State Paul Murphy, along with the names of the three-person panels who will examine the killings.

The Nelson inquiry will be led by former High Court judge Sir Michael Morland.

Lord MacLean of the Court of Session of Scotland will head the inquiry into the murder of Wright.

Sir Edwin Jowitt, a retired member of the High Court of England and Wales, will lead the inquiry into the murder of Mr Hamill, a Catholic man kicked to death by loyalists in Portadown.

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