Another Fine Mess

Mick Hall • 19 November 2004

If the leadership of the PRM agrees to it, as seems increasingly likely, not only will the senior members of the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning oversee the destruction of PIRA weaponry, but also selected members of the Clergy, who due to their past associations, cannot but be regarded as tools of the British and Unionist Establishment...It is very difficult to understand what brought Mr Adams to this sorry impasse, as he is as aware as any that to allow your British enemy to gain access to Irish weaponry goes against hundreds of years of Irish Rebel custom and practice...Yet it seems Mr Adams is prepared to...allow the British State to oversee the destruction of the weaponry of the movement he leads and for what, a united socialist republic or indeed any kind of unified State for which the fought? No, simply the opportunity to participate in a Stormont Government from which the British State can pull the plug as and when they wish.


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