Mechanic Finds Live Bomb Under Car During Oil Change

Fri Nov 5,12:42 PM ET

A mechanic performing a routine oil change discovered
a live bomb underneath a car apparently rigged to
explode when the driver turned the vehicle's lights
on, according to Local 6 News.

Police said Jim Panaro drove his car to Donald's Auto
Repair shop located at 57th Avenue and Johnson Street
in Hollyood, Fla., after he noticed wires dangling
under the car's rear bumper.

A mechanic then found the explosive.

"It was wrapped in tape and had putty underneath," a
Donald's mechanic said. "So, we put it up in the air
and saw a wire running on top and then called 911
right away."

Two hours after shutting down and evacuating an entire
neighborhood, the Broward County bomb squad removed
the device and detonated it.

Hollywood police refused to say what kind of bomb it
was, only that it was the real thing, Local 6 News

According to public records, the owner of the car,
Panaro is a former chairman of a group called Noraid,
which is known to fund the Irish Republican Army .

Panaro said he is no longer affiliated with the group
and has no idea who might target him.

Police are continuing their investigation.

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