Primate calls on Catholics to help police

Irish Independent
5 Nov 2004

ARCHBISHOP Sean Brady has called on Catholics to offer their full
cooperation to the Police Service of Northern Ireland following a
public meeting of the Policing Board in Armagh yesterday.

It was the first time Dr Brady, who is the Catholic Archbishop of
Armagh, attended such a meeting; it followed an invite from the
Policing Board to Church leaders in the North.

Following the meeting, Archbishop Brady noted that it is now three
years since the foundation of the Police Service of Northern Ireland.
He called on the whole community, both Protestants and Catholics, to
come together to make the PSNI work.

He said: "Real progress in policing has been made over the last three
years. I am convinced that even greater progress could be made if the
whole community took responsibility for the future success of
policing. There can be no peace without justice and no justice
without an effective and accountable system of law and order."

Dr Brady continued: "Such a system serves the whole community and is
in the best interest of society. So the whole community should play
its part in bringing about the system."

In an apparent call to Northern nationalists, he said: "It is not
enough to talk about the failings of the past and just hope for a
better future - we have to take responsibility for, and play our part
in, creating a better future."

The Policing Board of Northern Ireland holds monthly meetings with
the public.

Yesterday's meeting in Armagh was its second outside Belfast this
year. The first was in Omagh in February.

David Quinn
Religious Affairs Correspondent

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