Teens hurt in sectarian attack

FRIDAY 05/11/2004 08:26:14 UTV

Two 13-year-old schoolboys were in hospital in Northern Ireland after
being targeted in a brutal sectarian attack.
By:Press Association

The Catholic boys were on their way home from school in Derry when
they were attacked by a gang after getting off a bus.

Police said the boys were with two others who got off the bus in the
Stoneypath area of the city and were swiftly surrounded by a gang of
15 youths.

Two boys managed to break free and run away, but the other two were
trapped and attacked.

One was knocked to the ground and kicked unconscious, said a police

Both 13-year-olds were admitted to hospital where their conditions
were not immediately known.

Confirming the boys were Catholic, police said they were treating the
attack as sectarian.

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