A North Belfast man who helped set up a group to stop young people from taking their own lives as his own son tragically did has been nominated for an Aisling Award.
As the prestigious annual Andersonstown News awards ceremony next week gathers momentum, Phil McTaggart is in the running for the Community Endeavour category.
The Public Initiative for Prevention of Suicide and Self Harm (PIPS) is named after Phil McTaggart’s son, Pip, who he lost to suicide in 2002.
Phil McTaggart, though grief-stricken, has been battling for more funding for mental health issues and has brought his fight to the Department of Health. His group has also sought to remove the stigma of suicide as well as helping other families who have suffered similar tragedies.
This year he spoke at the New Lodge Festival concert in St Patrick’s Church held for families suffering the devastating effects of suicide.
“I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster ride. There have been a lot of downs, like when I think of Philip and how I could have helped him,” he said.

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