Put that in your pike

In answer to the faceless individual known in the Andersonstown News as Squinter (20 November) it seems the Andersonstown News has set this individual up as nothing more than an avenue to push anti-republican Sinn Féin propaganda.
For both the Andersonstown News and Squinter’s information there were 64 proposals put through the Republican Sinn Féin 100th Ard-Fheis. These covered as follows: political policy, electoral strategy, prisoners, constitution and rules, organisation/activities, international affairs, social and economic, saoirse/publicity – these proposals from cumanns all over Ireland.
In the Andersonstown News dated (20 November) in an attack never seen before towards a political organisation or party, the Andersonstown News under the cloak of Squinter launched an attack on Republican Sinn Féin making little of our Ard-Fheis and the views and opinions of our membership and cumanns.
This attack came in the form of Squinter, a faceless gutless wonder who put him or herself across as some kind of stand-up comedian no better than those anti-Irish lot we have had to endure, you know the kind – no one getting the joke only themselves, the Bernard Manning type.
Here we have Squinter Manning jokingly using the United Irishmen and the rising of ’98 to attack Republican Sinn Féin. ’98 was a period in Ireland’s history that saw the birth of Ireland’s freedom struggle.
Maybe if the Andersonstown News had given Squinter Manning even more space he/she could have got the boot into Enniscorthy, Antrim and Ballynahinch. Oh, have I come too far North for you? Maybe that’s because I live here.
Who knows, given the space, you could have given us all a joke about the rebels of 1916 but only to get the boot into Republican Sinn Féin, you understand.
Who are you to question those Irish people/Irish republicans who show solidarity to their fellow Irish men, women and children?
Who are you to condemn those who show solidarity with those who suffer oppression and aggression from whatever quarter it may come?
Is the Andersonstown News now telling us republicans no matter what part of Ireland, or for that matter, in the world, they may be, they have no right to look North? Are you telling us Republican Sinn Fein have no right to an opinion?
At the Republican Sinn Féin Ard-Fheis there were people of all ages, young and old alike, some with over 50 years in the service of Ireland as part of the republican movement. They have been in prison cells, have suffered the hardships known by all republicans, have seen sell-outs, but have stayed faithful and true to their republican principles. Can Squinter Manning say the same?
The Andersonstown News was born out of the struggle, it stood out against the anti-Irish/anti-republican gutter press. Can it still say the same?
Do we now assume that the Andersonstown News is now a one party paper, that it is not open-minded to the views and opinions of other political organisations other than that the Andersonstown News favours?
Will the views and opinions of those who are anti-Stormont face the same attack on them as that on Republican Sinn Féin?
The answer lies with the Andersonstown News.
As for Squinter Manning, your attack on principled republicans in your faceless manner only shows you for what you are and to use the United Irishmen as you did only goes to show the level you are willing to go.
We in Republican Sinn Féin are not ashamed of the United Irishmen nor are we ashamed of being republicans in the undiluted sense that is.
I don’t know where you were at the weekend of the Republican Sinn Féin Ard-Fheis or why you were hanging around draughty phone boxes in Dublin.
What I would say to you is this: when you are standing with your poppy at the going down of the sun, I will still be cheering those who gathered with their pikes upon their shoulders at the rising of the moon!
S ó Leagain
Republican Sinn Féin Poblachtach

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