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**Posted by Danielle Ni Dhighe

11 November 2004
Irish Republican Socialist Party


Despite supporting the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
over his Fatah movement, the Irish Republican Socialist Party took the
occasion of the death of Yasser Arafat to reiterate its solidarity
with the struggle people of Palestine.

In a statement from the IRSP's International Department, spokesperson
Peadar Baile said of Arafat's death in Paris at the age of 75: "Arafat
has long been a symbol for the struggle of the Palestinian people,
both within their homeland and abroad. And, because he is such a
symbol, the IRSP believes it is important to take this occasion to
reiterate our solidarity with the Palestinian people, in their
struggle for national liberation and socialism in Palestine.

"Arafat was also a scapegoat for the Zionist occupying Palestine and
their American puppet-masters. In response to their own propaganda,
rather than political reality, Arafat had been held personally
accountable by US imperialism and the Zionists, for the breakdown of
peace talks and the continuing intifada. The reality was that Arafat
had long been prepared to compromise and capitulate to Zionism on most
key issues for years and, far from being the revolutionary voice of
Palestine, represented the reformist section of the Palestinian

"The Zionists and their American allies also held Arafat responsible
for the continued use of suicide bombing attacks on the Zionists, when
it was clear that their destruction of the Palestinian Authority and
undermining Arafat left him unable to control the tactics of Hamas or
various militant factions within the PLO, despite his own desire to
reach an accord with Israel, regardless of the cost. The reality is
that it was Ariel Sharon who personally and deliberately provoked the
outbreak of a renewed intifada with his visit to Temple Mount.
Moreover, it was the Zionists complete failure to negotiate in good
faith and to meet their obligations under the Oslo Accord that caused
peace talks to collapse.

"We in the IRSP, therefore, raise our voices in solidarity with the
Palestinian people and we pay tribute to Arafat, as a symbol of their
continued struggle for national liberation and social justice. With
Arafat's death causing him to leave the political stage, the
Palestinian people will be searching for new leadership. We encourage
them to recognise that nothing will be changed through attempts at
compromise and conciliation towards the Zionists. The Zionists will
never respect Palestinian sovereignty. The way forward, as the PFLP
have said, lies through the defeat of Zionism and the establishment of
a unified, secular, democratic, and socialist Palestine."

He concluded, "Accordingly, we in the IRSP do not mourn the end of
the undemocratic and reformist tactics of Arafat, but we grieve at the
sense of loss experienced by the people of Palestine and we salute
their determination in carrying their struggle forward in the wake of
Arafat's death."

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