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'Get Down Off King Billy's White Horse'

Friday 17th December 2004

Sinn Fein leader Martin McGuinness last night dismissed DUP leader Ian Paisley as being 'very confused, very stupid' and said it was time the unionist leader 'got down off King Billy's white horse'.

He was speaking after the DUP leader seemed to be demanding that the IRA cease decommissioning weapons unless this was done under his conditions.

Mr. McGuinness said Ian Paisley was 'very confused' and added: "He seems to be saying that he would prefer the IRA to hold on to their weapons until the DUP decide an appropriate time.

"His demand for a photograph is effectively going to prevent the IRA from putting its weapons beyond use."

Mr. McGuinness added: "Ian Paisley's strategy in demanding a photograph he is never going to get is about humiliation and also victory.

"Ian Paisley wants a photo so that he can hold it above his head like a trophy and claim a victory over the IRA.

"He also wants to be able to claim not one victory but two as he wants to also claim victory over David Trimble.

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