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No Londonderry On New City Street Map

Friday 10th December 2004

A new city street map to be printed next year will have the name Derry attached to it instead of Londonderry.From next April, locals and visitors will be able to get their hands on a copy, the first of its kind to be printed since 1994

Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland has agreed to produce the map following discussions with senior officials from Derry City Council.

It will feature the new roads, streets and developments which have sprung up in a rapidly expanding Derry over the last decade.

John Meenan, Derry City Council's Chief Environmental Office, outlined details of the city street map at a meeting of local councillors on Tuesday.

He said the OSNI would begin to produce the Council's order of 5000 maps in April 2005

Welcoming the development, Sinn FÈin's Barney O'Hagan took the opportunity to insist the name on the map be Derry.

"The name that goes on the map is the name which we've already agreed in this Council," Colr. O'Hagan said.

"The official name is and should be Derry and we have strong legal opinion which suggests that is already the case. That will be proven in the courts before this map is drawn up."

The DUP's Joe Miller said he was opposed to Derry being put on the map. He said while the majority of people may want to call the city Derry, its official title is Londonderry.

In a bid to offer a compromise, Colr. Miller said he would, however, have no problem in accepting a Derry City Council area street map.

Ulster Unionist councillor, Mary Hamilton, also spoke out against printing Derry on the name of the map.

But, in what were the most tame discussions on the name change row yet, Colr. O'Hagan said his party would simply not support the publication of any street map if it was not called Derry.

High Court The High Court is set to rule sometime next year whether or not the name of the city switched from Londonderry to Derry when the Council's name changed in 1984

Colr. O'Hagan, who initially proposed the city's name change, said if the judge decides the city's name did not officially change the Council would continue to seek the switch.

The SDLP's Mary Bradley who earlier hailed the new city street map proposed that Council welcome the development of the map and that the name attached to it be Derry.

While unionists refused to vote in favour of the proposal it was carried with support from Sinn FÈin and the SDLP.

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