**This is an American issue, but because it involves the inhumane treatment of animals, I am including it here so that more people might see it and help. The wording is an edited version of two different emails.

"If people around the world could actually witness the brutal killing of a wolf by aerial gunning, I know they would rise up and stand with us against this slaughter But the Alaska Board of Game and Governor Frank Murkowski don't want the media to spotlight this carnage. They know that the last time the national media covered such wolf atrocities, public outrage caused the barbaric practices to stop.

The Board of Game has started issuing hunting permits. At least four wolves have already been killed - and this is just the beginning. Trophy hunters are now using airplanes to gun down wolves or run them to exhaustion, then land and shoot the helpless animals. 900 more wolves could die this winter - this is in addition to the 147 already killed under this barbaric practice.

SIGN THE PETITION. We've already flooded Governor Murkowski's phone lines,demanding an end to the aerial killing of wolves in Alaska. Let's keep up the pressure: 907-465-3500. The Federal Airborne Hunting Act (FAHA) was passed in 1971, in large measure to stop the aerial wolf killing in Alaska. Alaska's current practice is in clear violation of this law. Sign this petition to urge President Bush to enforce FAHA in Alaska to stop the aerial gunning of wolves:


VIEW THE BRUTALITY. Generous support in these past few weeks has enabled Defenders of Wildlife to produce a powerful flash video depicting the horror of aerial gunning, with a strong warning to potential viewers because it graphically shows wolves being killed from airplanes. This video depicts a brutality that can no longer be ignored:


Now we need to spread the word. When people see what's really happening in Alaska, I know they will join us in opposing aerial gunning. Please take a moment to send an email to the major news networks urging them to cover the planned killing of 900 wolves in Alaska. We need to generate as many emails as possible to get their attention. Thank you."

American National Network News Links:

ABC News: NETAUDR@abc.com Subject: World News Tonight
CBS News: Go to CBSNews.com and click on contact us to use their Feedback Form.
CNN: Go to CNN.com and click on contact us to use their feedback form.
FOX News Channel: comments@foxnews.com
MSNBC: viewerservices@msnbc.com
NBC News: Nightly@NBC.com

To contact Defenders of Wildlife please go here: HERE.

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