SF urges influential unionists to promote power-sharing

31/12/2004 - 08:41:58

Sinn Féin has called on church leaders and others who have influence with unionists to promote the Good Friday Agreement in 2005.

In a new year statement, party spokesman Martin McGuinness expressed disappointment with the DUP's demand for photographic evidence of IRA decommissioning, which has caused a deal to restore power-sharing in the North to be put on hold.

He described the demand as a pretence and a ploy to delay the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.

Mr McGuinness accused the DUP of refusing to begin sharing power with republicans and participating in the cross-border institutions established under the agreement.

He said the big challenge for the Irish and British governments in 2005 was to insist that the 1998 peace deal be implemented, over the heads of the DUP if necessary.

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