**Here's another 2-faced orange-arse-kisser not even willing to stand up for what he said.

Email out of context, Reiss tells loyal order

(Barry McCaffrey, Irish News)

The Orange Order says it has been assured by US Special Envoy
Mitchell Reiss that what he said was taken out of context when he
described loyal order parades as provocative and intimidatory.

Last July an email in which Mr Reiss described loyal order marches
as "foolish and malicious" and designed to "provoke and intimidate"
caused outrage among unionists.

In a correspondence to the Irish American priest Fr Sean McManus, Mr
Reiss wrote: "Dear Sean, Thanks for your note and the article.

"I misspoke yesterday when I said 'I did not understand' why
orangemen want to march in nationalist areas.

"Obviously, the idea is to provoke, intimidate and champion
their 'superiority'.

"We've seen this behaviour down through the ages, with many groups
and ethnicities.

"This is an old story that does not improve with the telling.

"What I meant to say, and what I thought was clearly implied, was how
foolish and malicious such actions were.

"I am sure you agree. Best Mitchell."

Unionist politicians, including the DUP's Gregory Campbell and Ulster
Unionist David McNarry, called for Mr Reiss to apologise.

The envoy later confirmed the authenticity of the email but claimed
that his comments had been taken out of context, despite the entire
email being printed by the Irish News.

However, after a meeting with Mr Reiss yesterday, a spokesman for the
Orange Order said the order had been assured by Mr Reiss that his
comments had been taken out of context.

The spokesman said Mr Reiss had expressed a willingness to learn more
about the loyal orders and said representatives had raised concerns
about Protestant alienation with the US administration.

December 18, 2004

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