**This article sums up pretty well something that I believe, which is that if you are going to fight a war, you should target your enemy and not set out to punish, maim, mutilate and kill your own people or disable your own resources.

Dissidents have no 'war' mandate

(Editorial, Irish News)

The recent upsurge in arson attacks on businesses continued yesterday
(Monday) when an incendiary device was discovered at a sports store
in Newry.

Thankfully this device was dealt with and did not lead to damage to
property or to a potential loss of jobs.
Like many towns and cities in Ireland, Newry can ill afford to lose

Whether it is the Real IRA, the Continuity IRA or some other
republican group that is carrying out these attacks, it is time they
realised that they are conducting a 'war' against ordinary people.

These groups have no mandate and it is time they ceased their
potentially lethal activities before one of their 'attacks' once
again kills people they claim to be trying to liberate.

December 30, 2004

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