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Saga of Ulster's final DPP is resolved

By Jonathan McCambridge
30 December 2004

Northern Ireland's final District Policing Partnership has finally
been established - following a long-running row over its religious

Eight independent members have now been appointed to Dungannon and
South Tyrone DPP - two years after DPPs were set up in the rest of
the province.

The delay had followed a bitter dispute when the Policing Board
rejected the original list of independent candidates because it did
not contain enough Catholics and was said to be "unrepresentative" of
the area.

However, eight independent members have now been unveiled to sit
alongside the nine political members of the partnership.

The independent members are:

* Francis Callaghan (56) is a manager with Northern Ireland Housing
Executive and is from Fivemiletown.

* Christine Baxter (42) is a staff nurse with the a local NHS trust
and is from Fivemiletown.

* Beth Badger (37) is a former assistant insurance manager and is
from Newmills.

* Kathleen Loughran (53) works for a charity and comes from

* Susan Ingram (68) is a retired home safety manager with the Royal
Society for the Prevention of Accidents and is from Dungannon.

* Sarah Thompson (60) is a manager with a home care provider and is
from Dungannon.

* Bernadette McGirr (50) is a healthcare insurance sales adviser and
is from Clogher.

* Evelyn Frew (43) is a retired civil servant and comes from

Policing Board chairman Professor Desmond Rea said: "Now the DPP
jigsaw is complete as all District Council areas now have a DPP.

"While it has been a long process I have no doubt that the community,
right across the borough, has a DPP that will serve it well."

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