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Former Provo May Be Jailed

By Ian Starrett
Monday 20th December 2004

A former Provisional IRA man who has declined to appear at the Bloody Sunday Inquiry could be jailed tomorrow.

Known as PIRA 9, he has been referred to the High Court in Belfast by Lord Saville's tribunal for ignoring a subpoena to give evidence at the Government-ordered probe into the shooting dead of 13 civilians in Londonderry in 1972.

Said to be a senior member of the Provos at the time, he could be jailed for contempt.

Lord Saville's inquiry has wrapped up its multi-million pounds operation at Londonderry Guildhall, where it had been based for four-and-a-half years.

If PIRA 9 - who has refused to give a statement or to meet Bloody Sunday tribunal lawyers - changes his mind he could yet appear before a reconvened session of the inquiry, which is expected to take place in Londonderry Courthouse early in the New Year.

The tribunal may also hear from Witness X, who asked to be excused from giving evidence on safety grounds.

A second man, said to be commanding officer of the Official IRA on Bloody Sunday, now says he wants to give evidence to the inquiry. He was earlier excused from giving evidence on medical grounds.

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