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Army spy sues Andytown News
Row over published picture which identified agent

silhouette of Fulton

By Alan Murray
27 December 2004

A BELFAST newspaper - which sought a Government handout of £3m - is being sued by an ex-Army spy.

The former IRA double-agent - who uses the pseudonym 'Kevin Fulton' - has also asked the Metropolitan Police to investigate how the Andersonstown News obtained a photograph belonging to him.

Fulton, who now lives in London, claims that the picture of him was taken 10 years ago from a flat on Belfast's Antrim Road, which was being used as an IRA safe-house.

He says two other IRA men, whom he has named in a statement, were the only other people who had access to the flat.

The Andersonstown News recently published a photograph of Fulton - whose identity is protected by a Government 'D' notice, which forbids the publication of his real name and image.

Fulton told Met officers, that the picture belongs to him, and claims its publication has exposed him to IRA revenge attacks for spying on the terrorists.

Fulton had to flee the province, after he was interrogated by Freddie 'Stakeknife' Scappaticci - another Army double-agent, who worked in the IRA's internal security section.

Fulton and his wife were summoned to meet Scappaticci, after a number of IRA men - including Gerry Adams' cousin - were arrested, as they plotted to murder an RUC detective chief superintendent, in east Belfast.

Fulton is also claiming breach of copyright, because he says he is the sole owner of the photograph, and the newspaper had no right to use it without permission.

It emerged, in July, that the Andersonstown News was refused a £3m Government grant to launch a morning newspaper, in Belfast, following a commercial appraisal of the project by financial consultants.

Two senior Ulster Unionists - Lady Hermon and Lord Laird - were furious when they learned, in October, that the NIO had misled them on how much taxpayers' cash had been given to the paper.

In a Parliamentary reply, in June, Lady Hermon was told the newspaper had received £550,000 in grants.

But, later, NIO minister, Barry Gardiner, had to apologise to the North Down MP, and admit his officials had overlooked a further £453,713 in grants made since 1999.

The Met has now passed Fulton's complaint to the Police Service for investigation.

A Police Service spokesman said yesterday, that officers at Woodbourne, in west Belfast had received a complaint and were preparing a criminal investigation.

Andersonstown News managing director, Mairtin O'Muilleoir, was unavailable for comment.


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