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**this is the spy suing Andersonstown News for publishing his photo

Fulton Exposed

Andersonstown News 03/06/04

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**Peter Keeley, otherwise known as 'Kevin Fulton'

He calls himself Kevin Fulton – but his real name's Peter Keeley.
We've been getting a bit of an insight.

Today, for the first time, the Andersonstown News shows the face of Peter Keeley, also known as ‘Kevin Fulton', the camera-shy but media-friendly British agent who's engaged in a bitter battle with his former paymasters – men he accuses of washing their hands of him.

Lifelong republican Gerard ‘Whitey' Bradley, came forward yesterday to speak of his memories of Keeley in the days when the Newry man had infiltrated the IRA along the border and in Belfast.

‘Whitey' Bradley's decision to speak out comes just days after a Sunday paper labelled his brother-in-law, Joe ‘Buck' Haughey a British agent.

Bradley was released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement – he had been sentenced to ten years for his involvement in a foiled IRA attack on RUC Detective Chief Superintendent Derek Martindale in February 1994.

In naming Joe Haughey, the Sunday tabloid referred to unsubstantiated anonymous allegations being posted on an American website.

‘Whitey' Bradley yesterday outlined his association with Peter Keeley in a series of revealing insights that throw a new light on the secretive British agent now in hiding in London.

“I was first introduced to Keeley in the middle of 1993 by Joe Haughey. Keeley made himself out to be someone who could help the republican movement with cars, money, phones – a real wheeler-dealer, a Del Boy. He also tried to play up his connections and claimed he could get us anything we wanted.

“He used to come up and run around Belfast with a sharp suit, a fast car and a mobile phone the size of a breeze block – this was in the days when nobody had mobile phones. This guy was saying ‘I can do this, I can do that'. But nothing he ever promised was coming off.”

During the period between the summer of 1993 and February 1994, ‘Whitey' says Keeley was in his house in Belfast on around “30 or 40” occasions.

‘Whitey' rejects Keeley's attempts to take credit for foiling the attack on Chief Superintendent Martindale.

“He had no involvement in that operation whatsoever. He's running around saying he saved Martindale, yet his own published statement on the incident actually calls that into question.

“I thought of him as a bit of a strange bloke – but someone who could be used a bit. About three weeks before the attack – which none of the team involved in even knew about until the actual day – I had asked Keeley to get me a mobile phone.

“That was the phone I had in my possession in the house in the New Lodge when we were arrested after the team over in Belmont were scooped.”

Since getting out of Long Kesh under the Good Friday Agreement, ‘Whitey' has only met Keeley on one occasion – in 1999.

The last time the men spoke was by telephone. ‘Whitey' says that he made his antagonism clear to Keeley.

“Here's the thing that baffles me. Who was fighting the war when Keeley was running around? Because it seems to me that he was only consorting with a convention of Brit agents. Everyone he seems to have met now seems to have been an agent. I want people to ask why all this is happening. Why is anyone trying to destroy a republican family and community like ours? I sat and watched my sister cry her eyes out at the weekend. I'm not scared of the Brits, MI5, Special Branch, British Army or anyone else. Everybody knows where I stand. I was interned twice. I was in under a supergrass. And I got ten years in 1994 at the age of 39. I haven't spent all this time fighting as a republican just for the possibility of having my reputation ruined by this guy,” said ‘Whitey'.


The above article states: " In naming Joe Haughey, the Sunday tabloid referred to unsubstantiated anonymous allegations being posted on an American website ." - This refers to the following post on the Cryptome website:

"29 May 2004

Joe [BUCK] Haughey, from Belfast, was the police [S.B.] informer involved in the murder of SMOKER BENNITT. The British Government covered it up by saying it was I.R.A. internal housekeeping. This was the latest in a list of cover-ups for Joe Buck.


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