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Loyalist feud victim's brother defies threats

By Maureen Coleman
28 January 2005

The brother of a loyalist feud victim today said he would not be intimidated by a UDA death threat.

Kenny McCullough, whose brother Alan was murdered in the summer of 2003, said he was being targeted because he had spoken out against threats to kill a former church deaconess.

Ruth Petticrew, who runs a Christian ministry in the Shankill area, claimed she was threatened by the UDA because she had given pastoral care to the McCullough family.

Last week Mr McCullough publicly condemned a petrol bomb attack on her car.

He was later contacted by the PSNI, who told him of a threat by the UDA on his life.

Speaking at his Shankill home Mr McCullough said he did not believe the threat had been sanctioned by the UDA leadership, but by sections within the terror group.

And he said the threat - the latest in a series - would not intimidate him or his family.

"What these people want is for me and my family to withdraw any statements we have made against the people who are charged with Alan's murder, but we will not be intimidated," he said.

"I'm absolutely disgusted with the latest threat. For the last two years myself and my family have not been able to grieve properly for Alan.

"I don't think the leadership of the UDA is behind this threat, but sections within the group. I would appeal to them to leave my family alone."

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