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Pastor's anger over feud violence

By David Gordon
24 January 2005

A Shankill minister today called for a public campaign against Protestant terror groups, as fears grew of a surge in inter-loyalist feuding in west and north Belfast.

Pastor Jack McKee also blamed the UVF for weekend attacks in which several taxis were hijacked and torched.

The targeted taxi company is owned by leading loyalist Jackie Mahood, who split from the UVF's political wing, the PUP, in the 1990s and has since survived a number of murder bids.

The weekend attacks were the latest in a series of incidents involving taxis in loyalist areas.

There have also been rising tensions in north Belfast, involving UVF and LVF elements.

Pastor McKee called for a community campaign to halt all "terrorist activity".

The taxi hijackings occurred at around 7pm on Saturday in the Ballysillan, Highfield, Glencairn and Woodvale areas.

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