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Army spy site warns of "unit's terror link"

By Barry McCaffrey
Irish News, December 31, 2004

The British army is investigating a potential security blunder after it emerged that an official website used to recruit undercover agents is now controlled by a disaffected agent.

The Irish News has learned that the Intelligence Corps site has been bought by former army agent Samuel Rosenfeld, after the site's ownership was inadvertently allowed to lapse over Christmas.

The website is used as one of the main sources for recruiting soldiers and civilians to work as intelligence officers and undercover army agents.

However, potential recruits emailing the site now receive replies alleging that sub-units of the corps have been responsible for the "direction of terrorism".

Successful recruits to the Intelligence Corps are often university graduates, who are then trained at the famous Sandhurst college in England before being posted as secret agents throughout the world.

Ironically, the site warns that successful applicants will be responsible for "the security of information, personnel and equipment".

Potential recruits are advised to contact the Intelligence Corps by phoning its headquarters at Chicksands in Bedford-shire or by email.

But when the Irish News emailed the official website last night, it received the following reply:

"Dear potential recruit, thank you very much for contacting the Intelligence-corps.co.uk website.

"Firstly please be advised that the site is no longer owned or operated by the Intelligence Corps but by myself, a former intelligence agent (FRU/JSG).

"Whilst I commend you for wishing to join the Intelligence Corps, I feel it is my duty to inform you that the corps, through its sub-units, have been responsible for the murder of innocent civilians and the direction of terrorism."

The email then highlights controversial incidents involving the Force Research Unit (FRU), including the murder of Pat Finucane and the Stakeknife affair.

When contacted last night, Mr Rosenfeld refused to confirm that he now owns the website.

However, a source close to the website confirmed that it is no longer controlled by the British army.

So far more than a dozen people have emailed the site wanting to become intelligence officers," the source claimed.

"We emailed them back telling them if they want to do something good for their country they should join the RSPCA or the Salvation Army rather than the Intelligence Corps.

"We are not saying every soldier in the Intelligence Corps is bad, but the fact that groups like the FRU are operating without ground rules means that innocent people are being killed.

Potential recruits need to know they are getting themselves involved in the murder of innocent people."

A Ministry of Defence spokesman last night said an investigation would be carried out.

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