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Derry Pro-Life Group Defend Image

Tuesday 25th January 2005

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A Derry Pro-life group last night defended their decision to use an image of the Virgin Mary holding the bodies of aborted foetuses to promote their anti-abortion campaign in the city.

Bernadette Doyle, spokesperson for the Sacred Heart of Jesus Prolife group in Derry, was responding followings complaints made to the 'Journal' office about leaflets which were being handed out in the city which showed an image of Mary holding the bodies of aborted foetuses.

"We use quite a few Sacred images that Jesus and our Blessed Mother have given in our fight against the murder of the unborn," she said.

"The image of 'Mary, Patron of the Aborted' is particularly welcomed our group because it was given by Our Lady herself through two Irish visionaries.

"Although not sanctioned by the church, they are under complete obedience to the Magestirium of the Church and 100% obedient to our Holy Father, Pope John Paul.

"The message at the back of Our Lady's picture stating that the Church will be held responsible for the deaths of these babies through silence and not doing more to oppose abortion, is very much the truth.

"The Church are the people, and we will all be held accountable by God for the defence of our unborn brothers and sisters.

"Our Holy Father himself has given us a stern warning: 'Woe to you who do not defend life.' He has also described the work carried out by pro-lifers as the 'most important work on earth.'

"We are called to defend the unborn child, and we will have to give an account of what we have done to fight against this evil.

"The woman who complained said these photos were like something you would see on a 'heavy metal' album.

"Look at the visions Our Lady give to the three children of Fatima. The visions of Hell and the fires of Purgatory are a lot worse than anything you'll see on the cover of a heavy metal album.

"Our Lady decided to give these images to children, so if she decided to give these to children that's up to her."

Ms. Doyle paid tribute to the great devotion there is in Ireland to Our Lady under the banner: 'Mary Patron of the Aborted.'

"We have an enormous demand for this picture," she continued.

"And we have a great response to her message which was to fight this evil with prayer and love. "Part of the message Our Lady gave was to place the picture in places where it will be seen. "'Do this for me, my children,' she asked. That is what we are doing, praying for mothers, fathers and doctors and all involved in the murder of the unborn. "I would invite the lady who criticised the picture who says she is a pro-lifer to respond to our Holy Father's call to defend life and come along and join us."

Anyone who wants to obtain a picture of Our Lady, patron of the Aborted and the messages about abortion is asked to contact our group on 71370635/71308695 or the Sacred Heart house of Prayer on 02886766377.

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