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Northern Bank Robbery - Dodgy Money Passed In Derry

Friday 7th January 2005

Police in Derry are investigating several incidents in which Northern Bank notes were offered in suspicious circumstances to financial institutions in the city. The investigation is part of their ongoing probe into the £22 million Northern Bank robbery in Belfast shortly before Christmas.

While yesterday the PSNI would only say that they were 'scouring thousands of hours of CCTV' from throughout the North the 'Journal' has learned there have been several incidents where people have tried to change large quantities of Northern Bank notes in Derry.

Several transactions are thought to have involved attempts to change the Northern Bank notes into euros and dollars.

Police have examined some of the money involved but none of it is believed to have matched the numbers given out by the Northern Bank and they also have examined CCTV footage from several financial institutions in the city.

The PSNI stated: "To date 560 exhibits have been seized, and searches have been carried out some in domestic properties, but mainly in commercial properties.

"A team of detectives will conclude the meticulous series of house-to-house and shopto-shop enquiries within days. Information generated is then coordinated by a team charged with developing and prioritising these new lines of enquiry.

PSNI Detective Superintendent Andie Sproule said: "This is a massive police investigation, it has generated over 600 actions already, numerous searches have been conducted, 560 exhibits have been collected, over 100 full interviews have been conducted.

"Co-ordinating such a large amount of witnesses, searches, and CCTV material is a massive logistical task in itself. This is a very large enquiry covering four crime scenes and it will continue to grow as we get closer to establishing all of the facts and bringing those responsible to justice."

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