NUJ slams McDowell comments about North newspaper

14/01/2005 - 14:32:06

The National Union of Journalists has criticised Minister for Justice Michael McDowell for comparing a new daily newspaper in the North to Nazi propaganda.

In the midst of a vitriolic attack on Sinn Féin yesterday, Mr McDowell compared the Daily Ireland newspaper, due to begin publication in February, to a Nazi newssheet.

NUJ secretary Seamus Dooley said today that he was disturbed by the comments, which went beyond the limits of normal political discourse.

He said the Minister's remarks could put journalists’ lives at risk in the North.

Mr McDowell also criticised what he called a small minority of journalists who pandered to the Provisional IRA agenda, but Mr Dooley said all journalists had a duty to report all the news and it was outrageous and unacceptable for the minister to link them to the IRA.

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