**There is NO excuse for this. When a priest is involved in sex abuse, he needs put in prison along with those who would shelter him.

Priest allowed to continue working after sex case settlement

21/01/2005 - 12:02:19

The Bishop of Derry has confirmed that he allowed a priest to continue working in his diocese despite the fact that the man made an out-of-court settlement to an alleged sex abuse victim.

The priest was accused of making sexual advances towards an 18-year-old man after he visited a parochial house for counselling on sex abuse.

In a statement today, Dr Seamus Hegarty confirmed he was aware of the allegations against the priest and had allowed him to continue working in the Derry diocese.

The priest agreed to pay a five-figure sum to the alleged victim in an out-of-court settlement last October, with no admission of liability.

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