UDA on “high alert” for Adair jail release

Over 30 leading figures in the UDA are on “high alert” with the pending release of Johnny Adair from jail.
Speculation has been mounting whether the former C Coy boss will return to the Shankill or go to his wife Gina in Bolton.
A source within the UPRG revealed this morning that concerns had been raised by the UDA with NIO officials about Adair’s release, which is due around January 15.
“The UDA has been on ceasefire and we told the government when they asked us what we were going to do about him. We said to them ‘what are you going to do about him?’ We got no answer.
“I think Adair would be daft to come back to the Shankill.
“With Johnny you just don’t know what he might do. The UDA certainly have put contingency plans in place because where there’s Johnny there’s usually a feud.
“Leading members have stepped up their security and that is the Belfast brigade and the South East Antrim brigade. Really all brigades in all areas and all parts of Belfast are on alert because we’re talking about a loose cannon here.”
One source close to the Adairs said there was no way of telling what Adair would do on his release.
“Given Johnny we’ll only find out on the morning of his release what he’ll do. Johnny will get up and he’ll either say, ‘I think I’ll go over and see Gina and the kids’ or ‘I think I’ll head up the [Shankill] Road’. That will be the way of it.”

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