Cavehill flasher at large

A flasher who has exposed himself to a number of people around Cavehill and the Waterworks is still at large this week.
A number of people have reported the sick fiend to the North Belfast News and the PSNI confirmed they have received reports of a man exposing himself to walkers.
A PSNI spokeswoman confirmed they were “looking for someone” who had been reported to them in the run up to Christmas.
“The problem is that people are only reporting sighting this individual after they get to work or when they come home from work at night. By then there is no way of knowing where he is.”
One caller to our newsroom said she was sickened with the man who exposed himself to her.
“He’s out in the mornings when mothers are bringing young children to school. It’s really disgusting to have a pervert like this stalking the streets.”

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