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This week we are proud to unveil the all-new South Belfast News.
As the only paid-for weekly in South Belfast we have been given a makeover for 2005. However, the changes are more than just cosmetic.

South Belfast is the most socially, economically and culturally diverse area of our rapidly changing city.

The community has had to face its fair share of problems over the past 12 months with over outdated planning laws and the problems caused by over population of the Holylands as a result. The recent rise in racially motivated attacks against South Belfast’s growing ethnic community, and the anti-social behaviour caused by a minority of students has meant the spotlight being thrown on the area for all the wrong reasons.

In the three years we have been in business the South Belfast News has never shied away from highlighting injustices wherever we see them.

However, a community is about much more than this, and a community paper that adequately serves the people must be there for not only the trials but also the triumphs.

As the most rapidly expanding area of our city, South Belfast has so much to offer with its diverse population. It is rich in history, the epicentre of our city’s arts and culture, with theatres, art galleries, museums and festivals that attracts thousands of tourists each year.

The South Belfast News wants to reflect the hopes and aspirations of the people of South Belfast, to celebrate the achievements of our children and young people. We want to be there to record your child’s first day at school but also be around for the day they graduate from Queen’s University.

As South Belfast adapts and grows in these rapidly changing times, so this paper will be there each step of the way to report on the important issues and to celebrate the achievements of our children and young people, should that be on the sports pitch or in the classroom, on the stage or in the community sector.

This latest investment is a clear signal to the people of this thriving area of Belfast that the South Belfast News is your paper and is here for the long haul.

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