Warm homes can save lives in North Belfast

Sinn Féin councillor David Kennedy has thrown his support behind a campaign to heat up homes in North Belfast provided by the Eaga partnership.
In the coming weeks the Eaga Partnership will be concentrating its efforts in the North Belfast area and are hoping to make people aware that they could qualify for the scheme, which would see their homes receiving a free central heating system.
The Eaga partnership has already installed free central heating in almost 6,000 homes since they arrived in the North in 2001, and in that time they have insulated a staggering 20,000 homes.
“As winter begins to bite we want to take this opportunity to let the people in North Belfast know that there’s help at hand to heat your home,” Cllr David Kennedy said.
“This is a valuable scheme run by the DSD and managed by Eaga partnership which has numerous advantages both on the financial side and environmentally.
“Nobody can deny that this will save the householder money and reduce the amount of pollution coming from inefficient heating methods. I would encourage anyone who is thinks they may be entitled to apply for the Warm Homes scheme to call the free number or contact their local Sinn Fein office to find out more about the scheme.”
Eaga Director Pat McAuley said their Warm Homes Scheme offers a host of insulation measures including cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, draught proofing of windows and doors and a hot water tank jacket as well other items to help heat the home.
“You may find that you qualify for the free scheme regardless if you privately rent or own your own home.
“Other conditions which would guarantee a free service from Eaga include if you have a child under the age of 16, suffer an illness or disability or are 60 or older and are in receipt of a specified benefit. On top of that, private sector householders who are 60 or over and are in receipt of either rate rebate, housing benefit, pension credit or income-based job seekers allowance are eligible for the heating system.”
To receive further details on the Warms Homes Scheme from Eaga, please telephone 0800 181 667.

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