Watery grave
Roads Service in no hurry to repair gaping hole in barrier that leaves motorists at risk

By Joe Nawaz

Local people say motorists using Annadale Embankment are dicing with death as damaged protective railing surrounding the river remains unrepaired and a line of red tape is all that is keeping drivers from the icy water.

Residents living in and around Annadale Embankment say they fear for the safety of motorists after the Roads Service’s delay in replacing a large section of the embankments railing.

A series of car crashes at the accident hotspot have exposed a gap of up to twenty feet in the embankment barrier, leaving future accident victims in real danger.

The damage has been flagged up with flimsy red tape and witches’ hats. According to locals, the spot has been in a state of disrepair for well over a week.

And with recent unpredictable weather conditions that have seen Belfast experience its heaviest snowfall for years, concern is running high amongst motorists and residents in the area.

One local commented: "It’s only a matter of time before someone else has an accident.

“I’ve seen some horrible crashes round here in the past, but with the railing missing, there’s nothing to stop a driver losing control and going over."

A spokeswoman for the Department for Regional Development said that the Roads Service was aware of the problem but there could be a delay of up to three weeks before anything could be done.

"The railings have been the subject of car crashes, causing them to be damaged, we are looking at the situation now and will have it repaired by February 15."

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