McConvilles call on Sinn Féin man to resign

The family of Jean McConville has called on Sinn Féin Chairman Mitchel McLaughlin to resign after he said last week that her murder was not a “crime”.

Mr McLaughlin made the comments on the RTE current affairs programme Questions and Answers last week after he was tackled on the murder by Irish Justice Minister, Michael McDowell.
The mother-of-ten was abducted and killed by the IRA in 1972 and her remains were not found until August of 2003.
“We were sickened and devastated over Mitchel McLaughlin's remarks last week. The endorsement of his comments from other members of Sinn Féin adds immensely to our pain,” the McConville family said in a joint statement.
“If Sinn Féin does not view our mother’s death as a crime, why did they push for legislation to stop forensics being undertaken at burial sites to prevent criminal convictions before locations of the disappeared remains would be released?
“Mitchel McLaughlin should do the decent thing and resign and all those within Sinn Féin who supported his comments should hang their heads in shame.
“Our mother was an innocent woman who was killed for her compassion and kindness. If Sinn Féin is as committed as they claim to help the families of the Disappeared, let them get the IRA to apologise and clear our mother’s name and let them undertake meaningful work to help the other families.
“Much more could be done.
“All we want now is the wrong to be acknowledged and for our mother’s name to be cleared so that she might rest in peace.”
Mrs McConville is one of the Disappeared who were killed by the IRA and secretly buried throughout the 1970s. Her remains were found at Shelling Beach in County Louth.

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